Friday, July 28, 2006


That stupid ass boy pissed me off so bad yesterday. Like, I am really through with him. He is so disrespectful! I've saved his name under "U Are Better Than This" and for the first time, I didn't answer his phone calls. And for the first time, he called ME, back to back about nine times. It felt really good to do that. Anyway, I told him that he and I are not good in a relationship and the reason why I haven't had his child, is probably because God knows he is not my husband. I mean come on, what are the chances of me not becoming pregnant in all these years and for the last two in half, I haven't stuck to any birth control. And I KNOW I am fertile.
So, I figure it's God giving me an opportunity to choose a better mate.

Right now, I hate dating. I have been on a few dates since the Jessica drama occured. But these men suck. They make me want to go hide in a damn cave somewhere. I feel like I am highschool all over again. Dealing with the games and the lies. The only thing they want is sex and you would think that they have grown out of it by now but they haven't.

Then they love to say this "Oh, I am not about sex, I want to get to know a woman first before we have sex. I am not trying to sleep with you" (well not exactly in those words). Anyway, they say things like that, while one hand is trying to get down your pants! It's kind of like this "So, what kind of books do you read?"....then they turn around and ask you the color of your panties.

I can't stand men right now. And why are all of them (the men I come into contact with) so goofy? GOOFY GOOFY GOOFY!
For example. It's this local "celebrity" down here I was talking to. He isn't even really a local celebrity because he is from an old rap group, but for some reason he still thinks that he is the shit!
Anyway, why did he try to play me like some kind of lame?
So I am on the phone talking to him, and he mentions that he doesn't go on dates with women.
So I am like, you don't date?
And he saids that he would prefer to hang out with women at his house and watch movies and shit. And that he doesn't take women to restaurants and etc.
So while he is talking, I am thinking, you cheap ass negro. I understand the whole, let's chill at the house thing. But come on, you don't go to movies, plays, or restaurants? That's the fun part of getting to know each other. Hanging out in atmospheres, where you won't feel compelled to have sex. I don't feel like explaining it, but when I am with an guy I find attractive, in the dark, cuddling watching movies, the only hought in my mind is when are we going to start feeling each other up. And it isn't because I am some freakhoe, but it's because I get horny. Simple as that.

So he proceeds to say, women only want men to take them out and buy them things. Now, this is a damn 31 year old man talking. Why do I have to tell this grown ass man, that he shouldn't make generalizations about women?
Exactly. Just plain out goofy. So I wasn't even going to entertain that conversation. Because if he didn't know what I was about after talking to me for a 3 1/2 weeks. He was never going to know me. So I tell him, I am going to call him back, so he gets mad and calls me to tell me, "oh, don't worry about calling me anymore".
Childish ass boy! Then he goes as far as taking me off his myspace friends list. What a goof troop!
He really wasn't my type anyways. When I first met him and gave him my number, he looked way older than 31. My sister says that he either was lying about his age, or he is on drugs and ain't nothing worse than a man in his 30's that partake in alcohol or drugs, because their penises aren't worth a damn a lot of the time.

Oh, I forgot to mention, when I was on the phone with the childish grown man, he tells me, that I am only out for his money. Oh no he didn't!!!!! So I had to break it down for him. I told him, I didn't even think he had any money. And I didn't. Shawty you were a one hit wonder. Come on! Stop it I say! So he got mad and said "while I guess I am doing a good job". Bitch negro please, trust me, if you had it going on like that, your ass wouldn't be living on no damn Covington Hwy, in some backyard apartments. He really tried to play me like some damn highschool young hoe, or a desperate older woman.

What else is going on?
Well, Mrs. Loretta is in Alabama with her shady ass family. They came and picked her up for a family outing. And Lisa told them not to bring her Shady asses. And prior to that, I found out how much a Greyhound ticket would cost to get her home(because my family was going to pay to send her to her sons) and it was only $40? OH MY GOODNESS!!!! We were slipping to hard. Are you telling me, we have been taking care of her for the last five years and it was only forty damn dollars to send her home!!! Ridiculous.

Anyway, I hope they felt bad when they finally saw their momma. Loretta somehow got a disease that made half of her face lopsided. I cried when I saw her. At first, we thought she had a stroke, but after taking her to the doctor, they said she had some kind of disease that disfigures the face, and that after it cures, her face would get back to normal. But it was sad seeing Loretta like that, because she is getting old and she needs to be in a nursing home. Yes, she is relatively young, but she has issues that elderly people have. Things that would be rude to describe.

Anywho, I kind of miss her now that she is gone, only because I think they may be mistreating her.

My momma gets out today. :( I wanted her to stay in their another No, I didn't want her to be so ill that she needed to stay at the hospital for a month, but I know she is going to be up to her old tricks today. Jehovah have mercy, why won't that lady stay still! Already talking about hanging out in the streets.

This weekend Lucy Lu and I meet up with an artist to discuss our shirt designs. I am so excited about this business we came up with. I don't like telling anyone about it because they always have something negative to say. Why would you say something negative about someone's business idea. I mean, unless you are family, you need to keep your mouth close. And that's real.

It's like, people are always trying to discourage you. I am really passionate about this idea though. And it's a really good idea. And even if it doesn't work out and is not a success, atleast I pursued something, instead of sitting around talking about it.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Eliza Wells

Yesterday I went to go see my mom. My mom had a stroke a week ago. When she initially had it, she didn't even know she had one. She told us that she passed out, and when she woke up, her right eye was bothering her and she couldn't see out of it. Ofcourse she didn't go to the hospital right afterwards. Instead she hung out in the streets for a few more days. Her eye was like that for about four days before she went to the hospital to see what was wrong.

They ran some tests on her and determined she had a stroke. Luckily her eye is doing much better and she can see out of it. However, it is droopy. Overall her condition is good. It could be a lot worse, considering she waited so long to go to the hospital. Laying in the bed with my mom.

She is so silly. Why did she say she hopes she gets out before the weekend and she got mad at me because I got her french fries without salt. She is so stubborn! It's not funny, but then again it is. My mom has high blood pressure and because she hadn't been taking her medicine, she had a stroke.

I was talking to my mom about Monique's appearance on the view. Barbara Walters asked her why she doesn't shave her legs. Well apparently my mom doesn't either. Why did my mom say, that southern black men do not like for their women to shave their legs? Then she put me of the phone with this guy she is dating to validate She is so crazy. Anyway, she called herself showing my her "sexy hairy leg", so I took a pic of

I saw my mom twice yesterday because she hates the hosptial food so I brought her lunch and dinner.

I saw this cute display box on the way out of the hospital. It was a picture of a slave and her grady card. I believe her name was Eliza Wells.
That's not a mustache, it's the glare from the display box. She was a really pretty woman.
I forgot that I had this pic. Yep, her n ame was Eliza Wells or is that Webb?